New Home

Planning Permisson

Planning Permisson

A New Lease of Life

We are a young and vibrant club and for the 2014/15 Season we fielded 9 separate teams during the season.  This is a record for our club and one which we hope to see increasing year on year.  The success of our club and the growing numbers obviously bring their own problems, mainly that we need more space and better facilities, but it is a great probable to have.


So what are we doing about it?


For the last 12 years or so we have been renting a field / pitch / our home off a local farmer on a rolling one year lease.  While we have a good relationship with him we are at his mercy in that he could decide to graze the land himself or even sell it if he wishes.


Over the last 6 or 7 years we have been on the lookout for a new home, one that we get a long term lease on and finally get to building a club and further developing rugby in Portumna and the surrounding area.  About 3 years ago or so we identified a plot of land that would be perfect for us and while it would need a lot of work to get it to a useable standard, it has huge potential for us as a club.


After 3 years of negotiating and going through the planning process we have finally got full planning permission and have agreed a 99 year lease.


Some say that now the real work starts as we need to raise some serious funds to get our dream to fruition – for now just have a look a look at the location and plans and please be prepared to dig in and help out in our forthcoming fundraising efforts.


Where we are going

Where we are going!