Get Involved

Why get involved?

Simply, a club cannot survive without help and participation of many different types of people doing many different types of things.

Help can mean

  • Would you like to coach?
  • Could you spare time to drive kids to rugby matches/blitzes?
  • Are you a referee in the making?
  • Are you a good organiser?
  • Could you help making refreshments when there are visiting teams at the club?
  • Can you encourage children from the sideline?
  • Can you hold a tackle bag?
  • Would you join the club committee to help run the club?

The list goes on and on.

Helping Out

Helping Out

You don’t have to be Joe Schmidt or Brian O’Driscoll to contribute or help in the club.


It takes all sorts of people doing all sorts of things to make a club tick smoothly.


The more we have helping, the easier it is to run the club.


So if you can spare some time and effort, please give Mark a call on 087 6434230


Any help or time you could give to the club would be gratefully received.